Professional Will Writing in Havant

It's never too early to make a will, but it can be too late!

Why Make a Will?

Writing your Will doesn’t need to be a chore, we understand that it is not something that is easy to discuss, however it is vital for you to have one in order to safeguard your hard-earned assets and ensure that they pass to the right people when you die.

Here at YesCanDo money we make writing a will a painless, cost effective experience. We will arrange a suitable time to visit you at home or work (whatever is best for you) or you are welcome to come and have a coffee at the Yescando Money office.

A well-drafted Will means that your Estate will be dealt with as tax-efficiently as possible – leaving more to pass on to those you care about.

What happens if I don’t make a Will?

Please don’t assume that your ‘Estate’ (house, savings, personal belongings) will automatically pass to those people you consider to be closest to you i.e. your partner, children, brothers or sisters. Unfortunately this is not always the case and dying without a Will can cause many problems both financial and emotional.

Single Person with No 'Blood Relatives' - If you die without having any surviving parents or other relatives your entire Estate will be dismantled and paid to the Government.

If you would like close friends and charities to inherit you must have a correctly drafted Will in place outlining your wishes in detail.

Unmarried Couple Living Together - In the case of an unmarried couple who live together your surviving partner will not automatically inherit your assets - even if you have had children together. In the eyes of the law, husbands/wives or ‘blood relatives’ are the only people who have automatic inheritance rights.

If you would like your partner to inherit your estate, you must have a correctly drafted Will in place stating your wishes.

Married Couple Without Children – Your surviving spouse will inherit up to £200,000, your personal effects and half the balance of your estate. The remaining half will be passed to your parents, brothers or sisters.

If you would like your spouse to inherit the whole of your estate or your relatives to receive a specific amount of your Estate then the only way to ensure this happens is to write a Will.

Married Couple With Children – Under 18’s: The courts will decide who is best to look after your children until they reach age 18!

Your Estate: Your spouse receives £125,000, your personal effects plus the interest from half of the balance of the Estate until death, the remaining half of the balance passes to your children.

Need A Will?

If YOU want to decide who will take care of your children then you MUST write a Will. It is the ONLY legal way you can appoint guardians for your children. Call to book an appointment »